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Seapoint Sensors, Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of underwater optical sensors.  Our sensors are known for their high performance, low power consumption, and 6000 meter depth rating. They can be used for in-situ measurements in fresh and salt waters including the most extreme of conditions, and for in-line industrial applications. Seapoint sensors are easily interfaced with a wide variety of third party equipment such as submersible dataloggers and CTD systems, handheld and benchtop dataloggers and displays.

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New Seapoint Turbidity Meter has extended range
The Seapoint Turbidity Meter (STM) has a new, slightly more compact form. More importantly, the new design has greater range than the original STM, with a linear response beyond 1250 FTU, and positive response to 4000 FTU. Performance in clear water remains equal to that of the original design. For more information, see Seapoint Turbidity Meter

Zebra-Tech Hydrowipers now available for Seapoint fluorometers
Zebra-Tech Ltd. hydrowipers have proven to be a very effective tool for keeping Seapoint Turbidity Meters free from bio-fouling. Now the hydro-wiper has been adapted for use with Seapoint fluorometers. For more information, please visit

Seapoint Fluorometers are high-performance, low power sensors for in situ detection and measurement of fluorescent compounds such as Chloropyhll, CDOM, Crude Oil, and Fluorescein, Rhodamine, and UV Tracer Dyes.
bullet Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer
bullet Seapoint Fluorescein Fluorometer
bullet Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer
bullet Seapoint Ultraviolet Fluorometer (Seapoint UV Fluorometer detects and measures CDOM, crude oil, and UV dyes)

Seapoint Turbidity Meters are very low-power, miniature sensors for turbidity and suspended solids detection and measurement.
bullet Seapoint Turbidity Meter

Versions are available for cabled and bulkhead mounting.

A popular boosted gain option is available for extremely clear water applications such as hydrothermal vent detection. Please inquire for details.

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